Meet Therese

Therese Ryan Mahar, Owner

Originally from San Francisco, Therese first moved to New York City in the spring of 1983 to join the Ford Models. She would leave NYC in 1985 returning to SF to return NYC in 1987 where she remains to this day.

Hired by the talented Emily Cinader owner of J. Crew, Therese would spend the next few years rising as Talent Director at J. Crew. It was this position that she credits with training her sophisticated “eye”. She would eventually leave the incredible success of J. Crew to sign on at CRK Calvin Klein’s in house agency. While honored to be there, she found this limiting. It was at this time that photographers around the world asked her to start managing them. The next 20+ years Therese built a global agency that worked in every market of fashion, beauty and celebrity photography.

During these years, her travels constantly landed her in the presence of other artists. Those who have traveled with Therese can attest to if there is an artist within 50-kilometer range, they will end up next to her at dinner.

It was a promise made 21 years ago to painter Ruben Alterio at Valentino’s Paris show that has now brought this gallery to reality.

Therese currently resides between NYC and Southampton with her son Ander.